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Utah Flag League

Welcome to the Original Utah Flag Football League!  Based in Salt Lake, serving all of Utah. Originating in 1992, Utah Flag League is the Largest League in Utah with the most options available. Currently only running Adult Leagues.

Winter Indoor 2022 Starting Soon (Full)

To complete registration  payments can be made through Venmo (@Utah-SportsLeagues), PayPal, and credit card payments are accepted. 

Winter indoor season at Spence Eccles Fieldhouse will be starting January 27th. Winter League will be 5 on 5 format and have two divisions of 8 teams, for a total of 16 teams (first 16 teams with $125 deposit will be accepted). Based on availability it will be Thursday evenings, 1/27 & 2/3 will be 9 & 10 pm games. The remaining seven weeks will be 8 & 9 pm game times. Last day of the season is 3/31 (no games on 3/17). Fee will be $425 per team. Each team will get 9 games (6 regular season games, then 3 playoff games). All teams qualify for championship bracket for first playoff game. Teams who win first round continue competing for 1st place. Teams who lose will have two more playoff games competing for 5th place. The first half game clock in all games is a running clock (only stopping on timeouts), with a 1 minute warning (clock stoppages) only in the second half. Each half is 20 minutes. 


Congratulations to the Fall 2021 Champions:

5 on 5 Competitive: Thundercats

5 on 5 Recreation: Cowboys From Hell

Summer 2021 Season has ended

Congratulations to the Summer 2021 Champions: 5 on 5 A: The Other Guys; 5 on 5 B: WeLikeSportsAndWeDon'tCareWhoKnows; 5 on 5 C: Mamba Mentality.

Spring 2021 Season Has Ended

Congratulations to the Spring 2021 Champions: Weeknight 5 on 5: E.CH.O.; 8 on 8 A Division: Thundercats; 8 on 8 B Division: The Other Guys; 5 on 5 A: Don't Touchdown There; 5 on 5 B: WeLikeSportsAndWeDon'tCareWhoKnows; 5 on 5 C: Water Polo Gang; and 5 on 5 D: Old School.

Summer 2020 Season has Ended

Congratulations to the Summer 2020 Champions: Weeknight 5 on 5: Murder Squad; 8 on 8: Thundercats; 5 on 5 A: Silverbacks; 5 on 5 B: The Jabronis; and 5 on 5 C: Trash Pandas.

Rule Change for 5 on 5 (Effective Summer 2019)

New Rule for 5 on 5: if at any point one team has a 17 point or greater lead, it will nullify the 5 yard rushing rule for the team whom is losing by 17 points or more. Once the lead is 16 points or less, the 5 yard rush rule will be back in effect.

Go Setup Your Team Page! Download the Mobile App.

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Dustin Heath

Dustin Heath

Utah Flag League

Phone: 801-541-0856

Fall and Winter at Spence Eccles Fieldhouse

650 S. Guardsman Way

Flag Football Location is Granite Park Junior High

3031 S. 200 E.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Summer 2021

Next available season Free Agents will be Summer 2021. Starts late mid-August 2021. (currently for Adults only)


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